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Terms of use

Copyright and reuse of Hamad Medical Corporation information

The material available through HMC’s various publications including all web based products including trademarks and site information is subject to the HMC copyright policy unless otherwise indicated. All information is only accurate as per the date of publication and can be subject to change at any time. The information has been developed and sourced in accordance with the highest standards that HMC abides to however HMC take no responsibility for any inaccuracies that are later found.

When any of the copyright items in this Scheme are being re-published or copied to others, you must identify the source of the material and acknowledge the copyright status. Permission to reproduce material does not extend to any material accessed through the Publication Scheme that is the copyright of third parties. You must obtain authorisation to reproduce such material from the copyright holders concerned.
Under the terms of the HMC Regulations, the Corporation will licence the re-use of any or all information supplied if being used in a form and for a purpose other than which it was originally supplied. This licence for re-use will be in line with the requirements of the Regulations and the licensing terms and fees as laid down by HMC policies. Most licences will be free; however HMC reserves the right, in certain circumstances, to charge a fee for the re-use of some information which it deems to be of commercial value.